Driving into the blizzard

You can’t do a thing about yesterday. But when costs increase, imaginations wane and options narrow.

I was inspired to write this after reading another article on Plant Vogtle. A recent Georgia Public Service Commission report found that the nuclear reactor will cost $1.6 billion more than energy from other sources. Vogtle is the only active nuclear power project underway in the United States. It is notoriously behind schedule, over budget, and troubled by a revolving door of contractors managing the project.

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Reclaim your neighborhood’s power

Your home is connected to a vast electrical power system. It’s often impossible to know precisely where your power comes from at any given time. While this system has worked well for decades, there is growing evidence that a clean energy revolution is coming soon.

I believe  communities across North America have a unique opportunity to reclaim control of the generation and distribution of their power sources at the scale of the city block.  There are two ways to accomplish this transition to block-scale power grids:

  1. Retrofit – reconfigure existing urban areas to take advantage of new technologies.
  2. Greenfield – build new neighborhoods hardwired for clean block-scale power.

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