One Car Family

Families around the nation choose to get around with one car.

A generation ago, this would have seemed absurd. According to conventional wisdom all families should want a personal automobile for every driver. Yet, as cities have improve walkability, bicycle infrastructure, and public transit, many families have found that it makes sense to unload their second cars.

These one car families are turning the conventional wisdom on its head. Living without excessive cars has made them richer, more connected to their communities, and happier than their two-car counterparts.

I am working on a book proposal titled One Car Family. I plan to showcase families who live low-car lifestyles. The book will examine the financial and environmental benefits of becoming a one car family. It will help you find ways to make your community more accessible on foot, bike, and transit.

Over 18.1 million US households could be considered one car families.

In January 2016, we joined the ranks of one car families. We faced a unique opportunity to change the way we get around. After reviewing our local transportation options and doing the math, it was obvious that it didn’t make sense for us to continue owning two cars. The convenience it offered was simply not worth the cost.  After experiencing the benefits of unloading our second car, I feel that it’s time to spread the word.

Has your family fallen into the two-car trap?

This book will help you figure out if it makes sense for your family to shed your second vehicle.  You will learn how millions of families of all shapes and sizes get around with a single vehicle.

Is your family considering getting a second car?

This book will help you understand the full financial consequences of operating multiple cars. You will gain an understanding of the other transportation options that can meet your needs.

Do you want to permanently cut your transportation expenses?

This book will illustrate how much sense it makes for your family to unload your redundant vehicles. If you are attempting to achieve financial independence or simply reduce your expenses, you will learn how much you can save by selling that second car.

Do you want to make your city better for walking and biking?

For decades cities have been built on the assumption that practically all travel requires a personal automobile. This book will provide practical and effective tips to improve conditions for pedestrians, bicyclists, and transit riders in your community.

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draft Table of Contents
  1. Why you should become a one car family
  2. Know your options
  3. Do the math
  4. Don’t freak out
  5. Step by step guide to becoming a one car family
  6. Learn to share
  7. Keep up the momentum
  8. See the big picture
  9. Push for change
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